Program CSI 2018

Day 4: The Tour Wassenaar-Amsterdam 27 July 2018

You can feel where this is going right? That’s right, it’s that little place where you can get anything your heart desires, the place which feels like a warm blanket one a cold day, that place in which you can do everything in one evening and not remember a bloody thing the next morning. DAM here we come! And this will be our home for the next two nights. A little hint for where we’re going: it starts with an “C” and ends with “amping Zeeburg”


YES you will have to make arrangements at the Campsite Zeeburg yourself, this is NOT included in the CSI 2018 Ticket!


Breakfast Time:

Start/Meeting Point: Parking lot Van Der Valk Hotel

Drop off luggage:

Start Cruise: 

Distance: +/- 60 km