Program CSI 2018

Meet and Greet: Amsterdam 24 July 2018

Meet new riders and say hello to who we already have met before! We leave Camping Zeeburg at 15:45 and arrive at the meet and greet at 16:00.


Location Meet & Greet: Hannekes Boom (Dijksgracht 4, Amsterdam)

Day 1: The Tour Amsterdam-Enkhuizen 25 July 2018

Lakeside Cruise

First day of the Tour. We will cruise along the borders of the IJsselmeer and make stops at those lovely old towns for a beer. From Amsterdam to Enkhuizen.


Start/Meeting Point: Camping Zeeburg, Amsterdam
Meeting Time/Drop off luggage: 09:30

Start Cruise: 10:00

Distance: +/- 60 km




Day 2: Enkhuizen-Schoorl 26 July 2018

Country road cruise

Second day of the Tour. From the IJsselmeer lake, that once was known as the "Zuiderzee", across the country side to the "Noordzee".


Start/Meeting Point: Enkhuizen Hotel Suyder See

Drop off luggage: 9:15

Start Cruise: 9:45

Distance: +/- 60 km

Day 3: The Tour Schoorl-Amsterdam 27 July 2018

Day 3 of the Tour. We continue the tour through the dunes towards the Zaanstreek. A nice long cruise along the coast to IJmuiden for some of the best fish you ever had before heading back to Amsterdam. The finish will be at Camping Zeeburg.


YES you will have to make arrangements at the Campsite Zeeburg yourself for this day,
this is NOT included in the CSI 2018 Ticket!


Start/Meeting Point: Schoorl - Hotel de Viersprong

Drop off luggage: 09:30

Start Cruise: 10:00

Distance: +/- 60 km

Day 4: Amsterdam 28 July 2018

Say what now? I thought the CSI would only last 4 days? Ah well, last year we had so much fun with the swap meat, that awesome food truck and we can’t let our friends at the Cruise Inn down now, can we?


A little cruise for those who didn't participate in the Tour or maybe a surprise program, but for sure we’re gonna drink some beers, watch some music being played and just enjoy each others company, because this will be the last evening of this CSI. Cheers my brothers and sisters!


Start/Meeting Point: Camping Zeeburg

Start Cruise: [time]

Distance: +/- 20 km


Swap meet at Cruise Inn: [time]